Made of Genes teams up with Barça Innovation Hub to redefine sports performance. This collaboration is set to redefine athletic potential, leveraging the power of biomedical data and cutting-edge technology to unlock new levels of physical and mental excellence.

Shaping the Future of Data-Driven Performance Optimization

MADE OF GENES PERFORMANCE is an end-to-end solution both for athletes and sports organizations to analyse and integrate biomedical data and metrics, from GPS tracker to genomics and metabolomics, providing actionable insights about internal and external load requirements to boost performance and prevent injuries in multiple sports. Our cutting-edge A.I. algorithms, co-developed by our medical and scientific advisors, drive precision and innovation in every aspect of sports optimization.

Internal Load

Fine-tune training loads and recovery strategies by comprehending each athlete's individual responses to diverse stressors, combined with external load, to maximize performance.


Unlock the full potential of athletes with our seamless collection, monitoring and integration of data and metrics, enabling peak performance with personalized experiences.

Injury & Health

Stay ahead of the game with our predictive models personalized to each athlete’s unique requirements, analyzing biomedical data and metrics to predict and prevent injury risks.

Inclusive Research
at the Core

At our core lies a commitment to inclusivity, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs and preferences of all athletes, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Diversity unlocks true potential!

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